Two Poems By Jenny Dunbar


she listens, 
casts a cloak as cool begins to seep
and lovers wait 
the gate is warm wood and lichened
earth as pungent as a pulled berry
sunken in musk
see the hare leap
their secret safe in its eyes
dusk folds light’s edges 
they part
strangers outside the frame

plant onions dig potatoes 
coin sense from the silt and crumb
grow wild flowers where stench lingers
above the weeping 

Jenny is a published writer of poetry and prose at present working on short fiction. She also makes abstract ceramics. Graduating from the Royal central School in London some years ago, she followed a career in the performing arts and has walked in many worlds. The juxtaposition of life in all its cadences continues to inspire her, especially so at this stranger than strange time.

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