Daffodil Incantation By Arvilla Fee

Daffodil Incantation

the first hope of resurrection,
shoots emerging from the tomb

fingers of yellow, aching, mellow,
life renewed in swishes of wind

as soft and subtle as a faded 
flannel, silently caressing, 

blessing each of us with purpose
and passion; winter releasing its

ashes as we sweep the tenants 
and leave no remnants of the

occupying snow or cold. We bob
our heads in unison; we are one.

Growth is brave, and the daffodils
wave and tilt their heads, proof that

life returns from the dead.

Arvilla teaches English Composition for Clark State College. She has been published in numerous presses including Poetry Quarterly, Inwood Indiana, 50 Haikus, Haibun Online, and Drifting Sands Haibun. She also won the Rebecca Lard award for best poem in the Spring 2020 issue of Poetry Quarterly. What she loves most about writing is the kinetic energy– the ability to make people feel joy, sadness, connectivity, strength, resilience, or grief. For Arvilla, poetry has never been about gaining literary genius status but about being down in the trenches with ordinary people who will say, “She gets me.”

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