Alternate Universe By Sam Barbee

                                Alternate Universe

                                                 -  60th Birthday Party

You surprise me again, wait with embrace −
I stand, white-capped, highlighted with orange,
cruel confection spread atop sundown’s flange.−
celebrate and prove my effervescence.

Pink-winged paradise, long-necked flamingoes −
guests all flock and flap wearing dancing shoes,
rhythms galore amid hullabaloo −
we twist, and tango, fail at flamencos.

Heirs shimmy Beatles and sixties soundtrack −
I cherish their smiles dancing around me,
chiming lyrics, their chanting astounds me −
never thought they would roll with my old rock.

Patient through years for such fun and frolic −
all appears worthwhile – the night proves perfect.

Sam Barbee has a new collection, Apertures of Voluptuous Force (2022, Redhawk Publishing). He has three previous poetry collections, including That Rain We Needed (2016, Press 53), which was a nominee for the Roanoke-Chowan Award as one of North Carolina’s best poetry collections of 2016. Also, Uncommon Book of Prayer (2021, Main Street Rag) which chronicles family travels in England.

His poems have appeared recently in Poetry South, Literary Yard, Snapdragon, Asheville Poetry Review, and Adelaide Literary Magazine, among others; plus on-line journals American Diversity Report, Exquisite Pandemic, Verse Virtual, The Voices Project, and Medusa’s Kitchen.

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