Proof & Print By Allen Herndon

Proof & Print 

(A Secondhand Sonnet)

a photo found in a robert graves book
reflects a sad black-and-white happiness
a late lulling moment we overlook:
bearded and booted in his scrappiness
her man with his toolbelt, roofbeam repose
half-smiling at the camera, asking
why are you taking my picture? these clothes!
camera clicks, I am multitasking
she laughs as the sunbeams through roofbeams shine
and the later developments expose
the treasure of time is never benign
and never forgotten, merely enclosed
lost there between words and symbols and dreams
light as the sunlight, solid as the beams

Allen Herndon is an American poet based in Greece, and the author of the book length poem, The Absurdiad. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in English Literature from the University of Tulsa, and is completing his MFA in Poetry through Lindenwood University.

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