Two Poems By Jake Price

The City of Cowboy Killers

Desert clouds as dark and black as in-

k, Marlboros fall from the sky like hail.

Kids rush from the nearby town with buckets every

time it rains. They dance a dance called the whisp

until their buckets are brimming and filled of

cigarettes, then, balancing the pails on their heads, they chain smoke

and walk back home. The town has roads that

are made of tar stomped from ciggie butts, ash drifts

pushed to the curbs, with hand rolled houses proudly lined through

either side of main street. The tourists and postcards call her

“Centralia, the city that is meant to be put between your lips”

Inhale every whisp of smoke that drifts through her lips.


I wish I had a name that looked good

when it was written in blue icing

on a birthday cake.

The unsatisfying almost loop of the “j”

The long drawn out “a” sound that everyone

always tells me I say with an accent

and the rushed finale of a canceled

TV show that is the “k”

all because of that silent “e”

My name is not Jacob. It’s Jake.

Just Jake.

I had a bus driver when I was in elementary school that only called me Jacob,

and at 6:30 A.M and 2:45 P.M everyday

I prayed that bitch would crash us all into a telephone pole

and “Jacob” would be hurled through the windshield and skid across the asphalt of the highway

because school buses don’t have seatbelts.

I told that story to a girl I was talking to

freshman year of high school. She said she was surprised someone like me

would think something like that.

I have always chameleoned myself to be like whoever I was around,

I have always wanted people to look at me, but not yet,

not until I have found a skin that I am actually comfortable in.

A girl that I didn’t know was sitting at a table with another girl

that I was acquaintances with at my graduation ceremony.

“Who is that guy?”

“It’s just Jake. Hey.”

Editor’s note: It is recommended that one reads these pieces on a computer due to the spacing conventions.

Jake Price is a sophomore student at Susquehanna university pursuing a degree in creative writing. His work has been published in Rivercraft Magazine and Halcyon Days Magazine. He was born in Texas and currently resides in Pennsylvania. Writing has been a passion of his for as long as he can remember, and he hopes to one day make it into his career. He has grown an Instagram account where he posts his poetry, @nolenprice, and it has over 2900 followers as of writing this.

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