Two Poems by Carla Sarett

After hearing Mahler Five
Too long, you said of Mahler,
the lone taste we didn't share,
proof that I am separate
apart from the empty chair.
But one life's never enough.
In the next, I could show you
my way of hearing Mahler,
you'd come around, I know you.

the door opens
and light reveals
the ghostly mites
in flight unbound
from me floating
as snow downward
to gather with
that truer dust
once shed by us
as two, as one
united in
radiant space.

Carla Sarett’s recent work appears or is forthcoming in Hobart, Prole, Third Wednesday, Halfway Down the Stairs, and Leaping Clear; and has been nominated for Best American Essay and the Pushcart Prize.  Her debut novel, A Closet Feminist, will be published in 2022.  Carla lives in San Francisco.

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