Granulated Gossip By R. Gerry Fabian

Granulated Gossip
The old ladies sit on the porch
and talk of love as if
it was a childhood disease.
They shake their heads
and heave huge elephant breasts
that haven’t known
the hand of a man
or the gums of a child
since their shoes were in fashion.
They tease and titter
at the slow-footed gentleman
who bid them a fine evening.
alone and unable to sleep,
they revisit the Saturday Matinee
and agonize over the visage of
Rhett Butler’s well-heeled passion.   

R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor. As a poet and novelist, he has been publishing his writing since 1972 in various literary magazines. His web page is  He has published three books of his published poems, Parallels,  Coming Out Of The Atlantic and Electronic Forecasts. In addition, he has published three novels. They are Getting Lucky (The Story), Memphis Masquerade, and Seventh Sense.  All these books are available both as ebooks and paperbacks at all publishers  including Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble. He lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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