Quick Thought About Hell By Toby Goostree

Quick Thought About Hell
Maybe the final indignity will be
that nothing else comes after.
Particularly after a life that included
early morning workouts,
and others first,
and getting the bad part out of the way;
a life where we saved
even the most insignificant pleasures—
the best part of the story, dessert—
for last.  Even the way we remember pleasure—
left-lane westbound,
what’s left of summer—
may give us something to look forward to.
As if anticipation makes both parts
of getting the bad news
before the good
better, waiting for something
and not just waiting. 

Toby Goostree’s work has been published in The Cincinnati ReviewChristianity and LiteratureAnglican Theological Review, Santa Clara Review, and others.

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