The Tunnel By Christina Suriano

The Tunnel

We met under the veil of night
Her skin was like alabaster
Clean, pure, and white.
All she once owned was stolen and depleted
She was German
But that was a secret.
You see, whites were forced into quarantine
Their jailors were brown
Bitter and mean.
There were no more police, no one to save
No more armed forces
Or home of the brave.
All remaining Caucasians were sent to the slaughter
Not sparing one person
No father nor daughter.
In the name of acceptance, chaos bred
We longed for Trump
But the Republic was dead.
With tears in my eyes, I gave her my hand
It was time to escape
To find safer land.
Beneath the full moon, I said, follow me
I led her to an underground tunnel
So, we could be free.

Christina has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and holds a certificate in Health Counseling. She studied fiction at Gotham Writers’ Workshop in New York City. Christina is a freelance writer and model living on Long Island with her parents and their nine cats. She also enjoys politics, watching British mysteries, and singing.

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