Rejection #29 By Gary Glauber

Rejection #29
When on the outs with opinions and luck,
I meditate on how this came to be,
universe cursing my pity and pluck,
even when submitting regularly.
Wishing at times to be one of the crowd,
voiceless minorities given first voice,
the violent, ignored, the desperate and proud,
but being me is my only true choice.
Respect to them, I wish them all well,
may their words be seen by all they cherish,
not every day’s joy in rejection hell,
not all who don’t publish widely perish.
True to my vision, dilemmas I’ve faced,
I wait again for next poem to be placed.

Gary Glauber is a widely published poet, fiction writer, teacher, and former music journalist. He champions the underdog while negotiating life’s absurdities. He has three collections, Small Consolations (Aldrich Press), Worth the Candle (Five Oaks Press), and Rocky Landscape with Vagrants (Cyberwit); and two chapbooks, Memory Marries Desire (Finishing Line Press) and The Covalence of Equanimity (SurVision Books),a winner of the 2019 James Tate International Poetry Prize. Another collection, A Careful Contrition (Shanti Arts Publishing), is forthcoming soon.

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