A natural love story By Dr. Sandhya V Alok

A natural love story
She neither swayed nor twitched,
eternity it seemed, in her silent still.
Her gaze forlorn, her body stretched
for her only companion in the arid mill…
Was there a life in the being?
Had it gone with whom she was yearning?
She had been the pasture of the desert
She had sizzled bright, caught passer’s eye.
She seemed the heart, health and happiness,
the exclamation in a sea of sigh…
Then He had been there, Constance…
she knew He touched many a lives,
knew he existed for the ‘greater good’,
knew he was a million’s muse
knew he was tied to none- no ruse.
Yet she simmered in His presence,
danced to a non-existent euphony.
Her elegance brought the world in a sway;
For he wiped tears in her million eyes,
brisked her to tremulous jives.
It seemed she found her soul in a trice.
The world knew he was by her side…
This was their perpetual love story.
She felt him always-everywhere, everytime.                                             
For he rarely marooned her, despite his duty.
A bona-fide tribute to myriad miracles…
Ah! Here he comes, after a minutes’ departure.
She comes alive with whispering rapture.
No fate can forever be a barrier-
For he was the Wind, she the Tree
And I – a blade of grass yonder.

Dr. Sandhya V Alok, M.D. Pediatrician, is working in Karnataka, India. She is a passionate writer and derives inspiration from nature. Her strength lies in her “never say-die” attitude. Writing, music, and children complete her life. She hopes to give as much possible to the world in these realms.

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