Mistakes By Russel G. Winick

Coffee pods left in the Keurig machine.
Dishes that weren’t made sufficiently clean.
Cars parked three inches too far to the right.
Cellular settings too large or too bright.
Wiping the counter, a spot that was missed.
Doing jobs poorly, then being dismissed.
Cooking heat turned up too high or too low.
Choices precisely the worst way to go.
Taking too long to get ready most days.
Statements or questions the wrong things to say.
Being at fault in all types of events.
Theories that don’t make the least bit of sense.
Errors committed, so many and varied,
And all pointed out just as soon as you’re married.

Mr. Winick fell in love with the poetry of Langston Hughes at age 14, but only very recently began writing poetry, at nearly age 65, after concluding a long career as an attorney.  Several dozen of his poems have appeared in or been selected by various literary journals.

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