Love By R. S. Pyne

By R. S. Pyne
The night was icy but I didn’t mind
Because you were by my side, together
As one, we walked in the snow, ties that bind
Overcame even wintery weather
You were always there, in sun and shower
As we gathered rosebuds, chasing time
Heedless of the fate of flowers,
Herrick had it right in every line.
But then you left me and there were no more
Winter walks when you held my hand and danced
Romantic tangos, snowflakes by the score.
You burned too bright, my love, and Death advanced.
The night is icy and I still don’t care.
A way to recapture what once we shared

R. S. Pyne is a writer/geoscience researcher/Mental Health First Aider from West Wales. Fiction credits include Curating AlexandriaAurora Wolf, Mad Scientist Journal, Hungur, Phantaxis, Neo-Opsis and Bête Noire. Poetry has appeared in Voice of EveVisual Verse and In Layman’s Terms.

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