Meditation on 2020 By Mallory Senter

Meditation on 2020
If we are what we eat, then I suppose
controlled starvation cannot be our fault.
we are brightly packaged, lacking all repose.
the working class is lipids, doused in salt.
Mocked for fast food trips and turned blind eyes,
a struggling mother feeds child plastic and sorrow
a diet built on filth and greed and lies
swept up by propagandic undertows.
A farmer’s seeds are vital to his life
Sued by companies, he can no longer grow
and up against a nation ending strife
destroyed by seeds that he once claimed to know.
If we cannot survive your sales pitch,
we’ll overturn it all and eat the rich.

Mallory Senter is currently studying English at Western Washington University with an emphasis on creative writing. Currently, she works in the back room of a box store but she hopes to make a career of writing poetry.

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