A Long Walk By Adeline Cruz

A Long Walk

You’re the morning breeze;
The song the sparrows sing;
Every glint and golden beam,
Shining through twirling leaves.
You’re the sprawling vine;
Foliage falling to their kind;
Each color bidding me goodbye;
The squirrels gathering their prize.
You’re the biting wind;
A painted sky in beryl tinge;
Flakes glinting as they spin;
Over wheels to line the ridge.
You’re the fragrant bloom;
The shadow of a fading moon;
Within each grain of sandy dune,
Life springs up to sing your tune.
You’re the falling rain;
The writhing worms having their day;
A trickling flood carefully arranged,
To wipe tomorrow’s dust away.
You’re in every step;
Woven in the spider's web;
Beyond the farthest depths,
And every branch you’ve kept.

Adeline Cruz braves the bitter Minnesota winters alongside her partner. A lifelong educator, Adeline takes inspiration from the transformation power of writing. When she isn’t composing poetry, you might find her whipping up a new recipe or meandering through a state park.

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