An Ode to Food By Tyler McCurry

An Ode to Food

Saffron rarer than a harvest moon.
  French silk pie you have to eat with a spoon.
Carnitas street tacos that are all the rage.
   Lobster bisque and strip steak fillets.
Latte-flavored Oreos and bacon mac and cheese.
   Succulent apples that fall right off the trees.
I used to be a pretty portly dude.
   I like to eat with my mouth open even though it is crude.
My parents always say I have to lose weight.
   Can I help it if I like to eat things that taste great?
I used to eat whole pizzas but now that isn’t me.
   Although I do still have a penchant for sweets.
Sweet and sour pork in a bed of rice tossed and strewn.
    Freshly-baked bread that lights up a room.
Southern fried chicken with a honey glaze.
    All right. That’s it. I give up. I cave.
Duncan Hines cake and finger sandwiches with brie.
    You know what? Fuck it. Let’s just shut up and eat.

Tyler McCurry is a 30-year-old author from Olathe, KS with a passion for family, writing and working. He has a degree in Literature, Language and Writing, and as someone who has worked in restaurants for a long time, is proud to say he knows his way around a knife and fork.

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