Wanted By Susan Vespoli

My therapist says, love addiction, but is that true 
if I only jones for one specific guy?
Don’t contact, I’ve been told. He’s bad for you.
By friends and family, Bob the psychic, and I comply.
His kids don’t like me either. Watched their dad hurt.
My shrink plugs online dating as a cure: Try to open.
See who’s out there. But years ago, I tried, and found worse:
men who lied, stunk of mothballs, begged for S&M.
I wonder if my X was that bad or my interpretation?
When I make a list of what I want today, he gets a 90%.
I type my specs for perfection into a Google search, then wait
for a mix of David Byrne, Colbert, and Leonard Cohen,
but, up pops a photo of a robot and a woman, holding hands.
In my spam, my ex’s email: I still love you, oh, dear Susan. 

Susan Vespoli is a poet writing from Arizona. Her work has been published in Rattle,
New Verse News, Mom Egg Review, Nasty Women Poets, and others: https://susanvespoli.com/


  1. Susan:

    I think your poem does a fine and entertaining job of capturing some of the uncertainties that relationships can be fraught with. Well done!


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