Fighting Hunger with Water: A Shakespearean Sonnet By Dhee Sankar

Fighting Hunger with Water: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Whoever has their food, you have your fill 
And fill our heart, and feel our health with us.
I'll up one day and go without a meal 
To hug you snugly like an incubus.
You make me drown in music that I make 
— Remind me that my world is sadly done 
You are this reckless soft demanding rake                            
Dissolving all deep longings into one.

To fight you is to fight my inmost friend 
And love you, love an inmost enemy worm;
— To feel your bite, to find a fitting end 
To my day's dearest precious priceless harm. 
Hunger, you are a masochist's best sauce —
Making a game of shame, a gain of loss.

Dhee Sankar is a doctoral research scholar studying English and world literatures in Presidency University (India), and a bilingual writer, writing in both English and Bengali.  His English poetry has been published in Muse India, and his Bengali poetry in the magazine Anuvartan. He has also written for the website 

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