FORGOTTEN By Mel Goldberg


In some forgotten place the year turns dry,
the once green growth turns brown upon the hill.
Then oranges whither before my eye
And turkey buzzards wheel and yet seem still.
When apricot trees grow but bear no fruit
and doors and night skies all around me close,
then I will probe to understand the root
of all things from the thistle to the rose.
Against world’s most valuable things -
the mountains and the valleys and the earth,
the faults, volcanoes, and eternal springs
I’ll take my measure, understand my worth.
Then all may comprehend I made a space
And know I once inhabited this place.

Mel taught literature and writing in the U. S. and at Stanground College in Cambridgeshire, England. His recent poetry book, Memories, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2020. His book of Haiku, The Weight of Snowflakes, was published by Red Moon Press in 2019. He currently lives in the village of Ajijic, in Jalisco, Mexico.

One comment

  1. I finished reading this for the third time. I like the way Mr. Goldberg employs the word “thistle” — we have so many words at our disposal and use only a fraction!


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