A Sonnet Under the Stars By Byron López Ellington

A Sonnet Under the Stars 

To look above at skies so dark yet bright
Is human in the most appealing way;
To feel the grass beneath one’s hands at night
And touch the winds that smoothly sail away
From body and from mind, as bliss does go
And flutter off to land on one anew
The day that one is steeped in worsened woe
But pauses under stars in deepest blue
To know the slumber of the earthen beast
From which one sees the ancient peoples’ dreams
They dreamt before the beacon of the east
Had risen for its daily trek and sheen,
For in the dark is where we truly rise
And peer within the secrets of the skies.

Byron López Ellington is a 17-year-old writer from central Texas. He is the founder and editor of an upcoming radical literary magazine Rulerless (http://rulerless.org/), and has poetry forthcoming in Juven. You can find him at byronlopezellington.com and on Twitter @byronymous.


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