Oh, let me die By Kihyeon Lee

Oh, let me die 

Oh, let me die in spring,
My heart counting every blooming flower 
In the face of the fatal hour,
Listening to the Heavenly bells ringing.

Oh, let me die in summer
When the sun showers its endless heat 
Down upon all on Earth to beat
My eager heart like a tireless drummer.

Oh, let me die in autumn
As a tree its scars forgets and forgives 
And knows when to shed its leaves
To fly and fall free down to the bottom.

Oh, let me die in winter, 
Warming my cold heart
By an old and familiar hearth,
Happy as a homecoming lonely hunter.

Oh, let me die every season, 
Living the past, present, and future 
In the arms of kind Mother Nature
Teaching me I came here for a reason.

Kihyeon Lee was born and raised, and educated in the North Jeolla Province of South Korea. He studied German Literature, and his English is mostly self-taught. He enjoys sauntering in the mountains and listening to classical music and opera. Kihyeon Lee can be reached via email: theslugpoet@outlook.com.

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