Patriarch of Beauty By Arthur L Wood

Patriarch of Beauty

Hear me, and tell me why I love thee so
Kiss me, and kiss me twenty times as sweet
Hold me to thy heart and fifty candles blow
For though I’m full of heat, I’m cold as snow
Wear me like you wore me last December
When viruses were thoughts and friends were dear
Tell me that you love me and remember
Those days when our lips and bones were near.

Can you see me weeping in yon meadow
I am the crying wind; I am the frost
The oaken grey, the wicker, and the hedgerow
You are the gallant swan; I bear the cost
You are the Patriarch of Beauty, and oh
The price of my true love is to be lost.

Arthur L Wood is a poet from Hampshire in England. After studying drama at the University
of Winchester he decided to focus on writing poetry. He now uploads recordings of the
classics alongside original work to YouTube and maintains a presence across social media
platforms. In 2020 Arthur self-published his first collection, Poems for Susan. His aim is to
breathe life into our rich literary heritage, and to add to the tradition through his own writing.

Twitter: @ArthurLWood
Instagram: @poetryfromtheshires
YouTube: Poetry from the Shires

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