New Grass By Michael Neal Morris

                                                                       New Grass

The wild grass is gone and a layer
of sand, a mini-desert encircles
the house, except where the careful sidewalk
marks the path where neighbors may stand and talk
or walk their dogs or jog, a year from now,
admiring the lawn. This evening or
tomorrow morning a truck will pull up.
Brown men will unload carpets and stretch them 
across the leveled sand as tejano
trumpets through the open doors of the truck.
If there is a wind after they leave, a can,
empty of its soda, will roll from where 
the men took their breaks to a strip of
splotched yard between the sidewalk and the street.

Michael Neal Morris’ most recent books are Based on Imaginary Events, Release and Haiku, Etc. He is a regular contributor to the blog Two Cents On and posts almost daily to This Blue Monk. He lives with his family just outside the Dallas area and teaches Composition and Creative Writing at Dallas College.

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