Two Poems By Frank William Finney

I Met an Old Muse

who lived on toast
and tepid tea

and napped in a chair
in the library.

One day she woke up
and noticed me

and asked if I ever
wrote poetry.

When I told her I did, 
she gave me a look

and shook off the crumbs
from her comic book.
on a Rooftop Bar

By candlelight
they reminisce

then in the shadows
trade a kiss

while others in their
drunken bliss

make pretty plans
and promises.

Frank William Finney is a poet working in Massachusetts. His work appears in Freshwater Literary Journal, Grand Little Things, Press Pause Press, The Raven’s Perch, and elsewhere. His chapbook The Folding of the Wings is forthcoming (2022) by Finishing Line Press.

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