summer Day By Valerie Forde-Galvin

summer day

morning breezes set the trees
to dancing
in rhythm with the tao
and the sprightly redbird song

all is still at noontime
slow and lazy
there are no shadows now
to remind us of
eternal time

until the climax of the day
the western sky on fire
blaze of color
spreading out toward twilight
the earth embracing stillness
while hushed lullabies of robins
softly greet the coming night

racing to extinction
we are cloaked in darkness
what we will not see
can't hurt us
better hold fast to these sunsets
summer breezes
and the redbird song
summer days don't last that long

Valerie Forde-Galvin is a body/mind therapist originally from New England. For the past forty years she has taught meditation, Yoga, and Qi Gong. Now retired, she lives on a horse farm in Virginia and grows vegetables that are shared with deer and rabbits. Compelled to write by her Irish genes, Valerie has won a Writers Digest award and has been published in The Poeming Pigeon, AROHO, Toho Journal, and The Preservation Foundation.

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