The Way She Goes By Michael Brosnan

The Way She Goes

turning more angel-like every day,
is quite enlightening,
her hair fading from black to gray 

to white, the looseness of skin
suggesting wisps of clouds 
dispersing quietly within,

and her eyes so moist and pale
like shallow ponds 
in the evening light that trail

naturally into night, into sleep,
into something cold, 
delicious, deliriously deep.

Michael Brosnan lives in Exeter, New Hampshire. His first book of poetry book is The Sovereignty of the Accidental (Harbor Mountain Press) was published in 2018. A second book, ADRIFT (Grayson Books), is due out in 2022. His poems have appeared in numerous journals in the U.S. and elsewhere. He’s also the author of Against the Current, a book on inner-city education, and serves as the senior editor for the website Teaching While White. More at

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