Sunlight on Plants By MG Elana

Sunlight on Plants

I notice the plants as I lean to lift
the venetian blinds every morning—how bright
their greenness becomes with the sudden shift,
a silent gasp in the flooding light.
And I pretend that the gift is from me,
though my efforts only upraise the shade.
A kinder force allows sunlight to be,
sustaining each molecule ever made.
The plants respond in their simple way,
a slow-motion leaning toward what feels good.
No words of expression need ever convey
a difference when feeling is understood.
And when you respond to the love I feel,
I know I am only a lifter of blinds,
content with knowing your love is real
and thankful for any expression it finds

MG Elana lives in the Mountains of western North Carolina. As a child growing up in a military family, she traveled all over the world. Currently, she is active in the peace education movement and has a special fondness for hiking and long paved bike trails. Although writing poems for over 35 years, she only just started submitting to publishers last year. Ariel Chart is her first professional literary credit.

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