Leaps of Faith By Douglass Allen

Leaps of Faith

A flea, a frog, a flying fish,
All faithful ones, had just this wish-
To leap from sorry earth and sea
To another world more heavenly.

And each believed his leap more godly
Than other ones who leaped more oddly.
So each one danced toward transcendence
Leaping his leap of ascendance-

The flea lept from floor to dog,
And froggy jumped from shore to bog,
And flying fish lept oh so high,
A seagull caught him in the sky.

Octogenarian who loves the poetry of his youth and some contemporary verse. He’s been writing poetry since highschool and recently decided to submit. Oh, the anxiety! Just kidding. He’s fortunate to be healthy and still compete in senior sports, teach in the OLLI program at a nearby university, and do biological field work and wildlife photography. Since beginning submissions in 2019, he’s had some two dozen poems published. He continues to write and revise and revise when he’s not exercising or napping.


  1. Yes, “clever” is the perfect word to describe the poem. It also has heart
    and a great beginning with the “f” alliteration and thoroughly enjoyable
    in the way it follows a rhyme scheme. It’s such an engaging poem!


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