Delicious lips spun candy shivers down her skin, vowed never again boys.
There’d be no settling now on one of those you might suffice boys.

Brown eyes reflected back the most beautiful of damaged reveals, 
so she gambled, he might be one of those roll of the rite dice boys.

Hauled across the polyester spread, halo tossed under the hotel bed. 
Woo yeah, she just craved her one of those all night delight vice boys.

Sonnets sang out as fingers danced down luscious stardusted curves. 
Who could resist the sin of one of those delectable type entice boys? 

That boy Kelley, coated in sugar and spice, he just kissed her, ooh, too right.
So her baby girl, she’d be crowned, named after one of the most alight nice boys.

Kelley Swan lives with too many cats and a lone dog in New Hampshire, because, frankly, if it was good enough for Donald Hall, then it’s good enough for her. As a writer, she’s obsessed with the slipperiness that’s poetry.

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