A Heathen’s Winter Solstice Prayer By Carl Kinsky

A Heathen’s Winter Solstice Prayer

The summer solstice past, Earth’s axis shifts, 
its north pole tilting further from the Sun 
till sunlight lands but weak and glancing hits, 
a weary boxer fighting strength near done.  
Each day’s sliced thinner; colors fade to dun, 
except when dusk sheathes bare-branched trees in gilt, 
gold candelabras lit as nightfall comes, 
flames hid like shame beneath its heavy quilt.  
We bear guilt from birth since conceived in sin, 
absolved if we proclaim their Christ our King.  
Instead, as twilight leaves I revel in 
the fleeting glow the winter solstice brings.  
Salvation’s their concern, not one I share.  
The Sun’s return will answer all my prayers.

Carl Kinsky is a county lawyer in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, who discovered a few years ago he loved sonnets and is now trying to get some published.

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