Two Poems By Mia Amore Del Bando

Pale Ale

You loved Pale Ales and green American Spirits 
My favorite kind of red flag
Bannering across my amber eyes 
Love can taste like unemployment and dead ends

Tuesday night in a crowded bar
I order a Pale Ale to mirror my desperation 
Relate to you, if I can
Taste the same poison on your tongue 

Maybe I am an acquired taste 
An addiction you can get used to 
I slip a cigarette out and dangle it from a smitten grin

Can you see?
I am any girl in the bar 
Let me materialize your fantasy 

Of a hollow girl who likes Pale Ales
And green carton cigarettes 
I down the rest of my beer 
Light the end

Because I am a cocktail woman 
In mild panic
That maybe you’ll see it’s all an act

Maybe a Pale Ale can get your attention
I Can Be a Bride 

I can be a bride 
Make shift me into an arts and crafts piece 
Cut out my dreams like paper snow flakes 
The white jagged remains scatter the floor 

We can sweep them up into a pile
Realize these parts of useless 
Cannot mold them in the dream 
You imagined 

Prized horse, parading 
Flashing jewelry on my dainty finger 
Maybe I can become more beautiful
Am I good enough for your mother?

Measure my worth 
With a ruler and then tape 
Wrap around the ideal mindset 
That you’re loving enough to commit 

Should I be your bride?
My ambitions die at the I do’s 
Let’s keep your visions alive

Fold me small 
Daring you to tear my sides 
Blind my eyes 
With pretty things 

I can be a bride 
Drag me through the road
Chained by a ring 

Don’t you love
Your favorite arts and crafts piece?

Mia Amore Del Bando was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She is a Los Angeles based flight attendant. Her profession allowed her to travel to several countries and practices her independence wherever she goes. She has been featured in The Art of Everyone, You Might Need To Hear This, Flora Fiction, Inlandia, and others. Her work has been published in-print by Wingless Dreamer and Poets Choice. She is a faithful friend, difficult daughter, and selfish lover.

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